Buying with inhaus.

Receive 50% of commission fees

Buy with inhaus and get a 50% commission rebate* as a thank you for finding your own home. You can find your home on our site or any website including ours and get started on your offer at

What is inhaus?

inhaus is the easiest way to find a home, buy a home and get a 50% commission rebate*. 

We get it. You put in the time and effort to find your home, but gain no financial benefit for researching and finding your home yourself. You believe that's unfair. We agree with you.

How can inhaus help me find my home?

Our powerful and elegant home search gets updated directly from the MLS, and delivers new listings to your mailbox as they drop on the market. Once you find your dream home, we help you close the transaction as well as give you 50% of our buyer's agent commission as a thank you for finding your home.

What support do I get from inhaus?

inhaus is a full service real estate brokerage with all the expert advice and support you would expect from a traditional brokerage and realtor. The only thing we don't do is drive you around to see homes. inhaus helps you:

  • Get expert advice from experienced real estate agents at any stage in your home buying process.

  • Make offers.

  • Negotiate offers, repairs and credits and close the deal.

So how do I see homes?

Inhaus's robust IDX feed delivers new home, open house listings and price reductions to your mailbox as soon as they come on the MLS. You get to view homes on your own schedule.

What if I need help to see a home?

We send open house listings to your mailbox so you can check them out based on your schedule. If you need an appointment, text @ 818.213,9226, email, or set up a showing request via any property page.

How much do I pay inhaus?

You pay nothing our of your pocket. In fact, you get money back when you buy a home with inhaus.

Does the buyer rebate work if I find my house on another website?

Yes! You can find your home on any website and get started on your offer at

Why does inhaus provide a rebate to buyers?

The modern home buyer does most of their home search online to find their new home but does not gain any financial benefit.

inhaus rewards consumers for doing what they love doing and are already doing (searching for homes online, going to open houses to find homes they love) through a 50% commission rebate. Because we empower our buyers to handle the home search process, we don't need to compromise on quality and can put money back in your pockets.

*inhaus doesn't offer a commission rebate on homes listed by inhaus. Minimum commission to inhaus is $5,000.